Baby It’s Cold Outside

IMAG0256When I was a little girl, I sat on the floor in front of our couch and watched someone (my Grandma or Aunt or Mom) turn a red ball of yarn into a growing chain of loops, connected together over and over. I watched a  shiny piece of aluminum dart around in her hand, flashing and working wonders with the loops. Then to my amazement, she taught me how to make a chain stitch. She taught me how to crochet.

A few years ago, the urge hit me to relearn this craft that I had not practiced since my childhood. I needed an outlet that didn’t require me to leave my home.  I remembered the basic chain, but not much more. I tried to invent my own stitches, but didn’t get it right.

Since then I have picked up a book and learned  the types of stitches I didn’t remember from long ago. It is pretty exciting to turn a ball of yarn into something.  I Have mostly made small things for the dolls my daughter plays with. She is always amazed at what I create and begs me to show her how.

The other weekend I decided to create something bigger than what a doll would wear and a bit more practical.My daughter loves her new scarf. What do you think?