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On the airplane I came up with 21 ideas to write about; one for each day of my vacation. I have had to change the direction of my writing due to an unexpected glitch in easy internet access.  Instead, I have had to maintain a positive attitude (which isn’t always easy to do when plans change). I have had to keep my eyes and ears open to new ideas and creative problem solving. I have tried to change the focus of my writing and go with the flow. This has proved beneficial in some respects. After all, isn’t that a better way to live one’s life?

I Wish I Had a Hemingway Corona

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It is hard being the writer of a blog during this vacation. I have more time to write, yet find myself tucked away from access to social media. I have my notebook and pen. My handwriting has filled pages front and back, like a cup overflowing, yet the other pieces I am accustomed to are missing.

I am grateful for this opportunity to spend parts of my days writing as fast as I can before I miss a thought, a wisp of an idea. But, seeing my handwritten notes transformed onto a screen in typed fashion in clean, distinct letters is what I crave. My hopes of connecting with the computer and accessing Facebook, Twitter and my WordPress blog depend upon being in certain locations.

It is at times like these when I feel frustrated that I wish times were simpler. I wish I could be like Hemingway, toting a trustworthy Corona typewriter around with me wherever I traveled, knowing that I could produce work any time that I wanted to.

Instead I will have to call on my patience, drink my café con leche and enjoy the other side of the Atlantic.