Have you tried Zumba yet? It is one of the recent trends that has worked its way into gyms and fitness centers over the last several years. It seems to be the modern-day version of Jazzercise, without the leg warmers of course. That’s not to say that Zumba is without special clothing, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

You can read a brief history via this Wikipedia  ZUMBA  link. I  have my own opinions:

After attending my first class at a YMCA at 10 am on a weekday, I realized that ZUMBA is like being at the bar learning the latest dance, except:

You can wear comfortable clothes. No hoochie mama revealing number required.

Ditto in the footwear department. No heels allowed.

It’s not dark. You can actually see, which makes following the moves a lot easier.

There is no strobe light to make you dizzy. That’s great, because who wants to lose their balance and fall when they are dancing in front of a room full of strangers.

There is no alcohol. I should have brought a water bottle, though.

There are no guys hitting on you. In fact, there were no men in my class at all. Maybe you will find them in an “image gym” in the evening. The only men I ever see at the YMCA at that time of day are over the age of 60. I’m not sure ZUMBA is the best choice for them.

You don’t have to drag your friends on to the dance floor with you. People are in the class by choice.

There is no outrageous cover charge or entry fee. My class is free with my membership.

And now, to the clothing. Since I have only been to one ZUMBA class, I cannot compare it to any other experience. The instructor who taught my class was wearing ZUMBA clothing in my three least favorite colors combined together.The word ZUMBA was plastered everywhere. I began to wonder if she had a ZUMBA tattoo as well. She had a purple sweat band for her Dorothy Hamill style haircut. She even had purple sweat bands on her biceps. I didn’t know that such a thing existed. Do your biceps sweat? I think she probably taught Jazzercize early in her career, then aerobics, then step, then whatever dance classes have popped up in gyms since.

The clothing of some of my fellow classmates proved interesting as well. There was the women that was a cross between Baby Spice and Janet Jackson. Her fair blond hair was in two low pony tails underneath her Janet Jackson hat from the Rhythm Nation video (yea, I know, I’m totally dating myself).

Then there was the Stevie Nicks introvert. She was wearing a black jacket with black pieces of fabric hanging from it that looked ready to take off and fly on its own if tossed into the air. As she propelled herself forward to the music, her clothing was in perpetual motion. I’m so glad I was not behind her or I might have become dizzy from watching the flailing fabric flying all over.

Most everyone was dressed in regular gym clothes. Thank goodness, because between those two characters, the instructor AND the music, I was experiencing a serious case of sensory overload. I just wanted to try the class, since everyone seems to ZUMBA except me. I’ll probably go back. It was a fun, no thinking required workout.

How about you? Do you ZUMBA??