Five Things to Appreciate in a Modern Home

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During a most inopportune time, the water heater decided to act up. I made it through a semi-warm shower, then called a plumber.

Two men arrived, tinkered around and declared the heater repaired, but……….(and you should always be wary of buts) if it should go out again, I shouldn’t hesitate to call them.

Not less than 24 hours later, not only was I without hot water, but without adequate pressure as well. As I waited for the plumbers to come to my rescue yet again, I had time to reflect on the modern conveniences of my home that I often take for granted.

In some homes, chamber pots are the new receptacle for chic floral arrangements. No longer relegated to living under beds, these old-fashioned waste vessels of yesteryear have been replaced by dust bunnies and boxes of forgotten possessions. Indoor plumbing is number one on my list of modern amenities that I am so glad I do not have to live without. Every day I turn a handle and fresh, clean water appears. I can drink, bathe, cook and wash with it. And on most days, I can control the temperature. And best of all, no chamber pots!

According to the United Nations Human Development Report (2006) it is estimated that 2.6 billion people lack basic sanitation.

A hamper for dirty dishes. A place where scalding water and cleaning crystals work together to remove my caked on bits of food. A place where my cutting boards and utensils emerge sanitized so that I can remain sane when it comes to Salmonella and other invisible germs. My dishwasher provides an easy option for morning clean up. Although I do enjoy the time spent washing pots and pans by hand (A lot of ideas pop into my head when I submerge my hands in suds), I like that I can give my dishes a quick rinse before storing them away in the dishwasher until it is full enough to run the cycle.

Ah, the light scent of a freshly washed shirt. The hard work of swirling, agitating, and spinning, all done by the wonderous washing machine. Who couldn’t multi-task with this monster of a cleaning machine? I often complain that laundry is a chore. I have no idea what life was like beating  clothes and linens against a stone embankment, or washing them by hand. This is definitely a luxury that I would not want to live without.

About 2/7 of the world population does not have a washing machine.

A repetitive beep startles me awake each day; a gurgle of water filters through a tube in a hurry to kiss small granules of a coffee bean and transform them into a cup of morning love; ten minutes of low buzzing that leave my mates face smooth and kissable; Kings of Leon singing in my very own kitchen while I sit unashamed in my pajamas sipping my java;  humming heat that turn my locks into a face framing style. It’s the sound of electricity.  I rely on it every day to do all this and more. I can’t imagine every day being like camping, because “roughing it” gets terribly tedious after a while. 

Did you know that 25% of the world does not have access to electricity?

Cool, refreshing, calming. When I am hot and uncomfortable, modern air conditioning changes my world. I use it wisely and only when necessary. I am not one to sleep in long-sleeved pajamas with the air cranked up.  It is just the right thing a few hours before bed when the house is full of humid and sticky air and there is no wind to push it around.

Did you know that most homes in Spain do not have air conditioning? People rely on  windows with  (GASP!) no screens to keep themselves cool. (It doesn’t work very well in my opinion.)

What do you appreciate or take for granted in your home?