Go Be Creative

This week my kids did not have any camp activities scheduled. We have spent most of the days indoors due to the extreme heat wave Chicago has experienced. Left to their own devices, they normally make  good choices on how to spend their time. But by the end of the week the default was immediately asking to watch television. I told them to go be creative. I said they had to create something  permanent (such as a drawing or a story) or not (building with Lego’s, Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys). I also mentioned that we would be donating the last two soon, as they have not been played with in a while.

This is how they chose to be creative:


The 9 year-old created this

A house the 7-year-old built


The 9-year-old built a house with 3 decks for his sister


What do you do (or would you do ) when you are encouraged to be creative?