Children’s Book Week

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I just found out today is the first day of Children’s Book Week. I am so excited for many reasons. First, the U.S. has many illiterate adults. I do not want to give statistics because they may vary depending on the source and what  definition  of literate one is using. I think most people would agree that adults  who love reading had  a significant experience during their childhood with books. As a former preschool teacher, my first unborn child had a library waiting for him before he was even conceived. I used the books for my classroom at the time, knowing it was a worthwhile investment.

On my son’s first day home from the hospital my husband and I read to him. We continued to do so every day. Our bedtime ritual involved books. We followed the same path when his sister was born. I continued to read to my son each time I nursed my daughter during the day because otherwise he would get into mischief – like smear Aquaphor ointment all over the carpet or jump into the shower fully clothed and turn the water on. Books were often our household sanity saver.

My children are now eight and ten years old. They have read on their own for many years now. I miss reading to them, but am happy they have continued our traditions of reading before bed. They have added a few of their own: reading instead of doing homework, reading before school, reading at the table, reading while walking down the stairs, reading at restaurants, reading in the car and reading while on vacation (to name a few!)

Each day this week I will share with you some of the books my children have enjoyed over the years. Don’t be expecting the usual suspects, although they were enjoyed as well.

What book did you enjoy as a child or does your child or children enjoy now? One of my favorites was Hand, Hand Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins.