Happy Blogoversary to Me


Yesterday was my 3 year anniversary of starting this blog. Yippee! Blow the horns. Toss the confetti.  With any anniversary you celebrate, right? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint but there is another big snow storm on the way to blast through Chicago. My backyard still has parts covered in snow. Lost snow shovels, buckets, sleds and other surprises have surfaced. I hope I will see my raised garden bed soon, but I don’t think that is possible until April. I spent yesterday scooping out several inches of pooled water on the walkway and chipping away at three-inch thick swaths of ice, hoping to get it all cleared out before more snow arrives.

Reflecting After Three Years

I’m not sure what I expected when I started this blog. I think it served as an outlet for my writing. While it still serves that purpose, I have connected with many people in blogland, which is a very different type of social connection. Some of my favorite blogs revolve around writing prompts/pictures (Friday Fictioneers), discussions on writing (Live to Write – Write to Live), humor (She’s a Maineaic), music (GenXatmidlife) or personal journey. Check out  the blogs I subscribe to. You might find a new one to follow.

I don’t have as many posts as some do at three years, but I haven’t always blogged consistently. I think a few of my goals for this year will be to make an attempt at

1.) writing more posts overall

2.) posting more consistently

3.) finish the drafts I start (which may help with the first two goals)

Being Freshly Pressed during my first year was a big surprise. Surprisingly a post I thought would be funny didn’t turn out that way according to the number of views, likes and lack of comments. Maybe it went out to blogland at an odd time or I didn’t tag it the best way. As they say, you live and you learn, sort of.

Receiving comments/feedback on my writing is always appreciated and I look forward to that interaction. I still find myself wondering if I need a narrower focus on my topics as I tend to write about a variety of things. Maybe something to think about this coming year. Maybe I will put out a poll to see what you (my readers) find interesting to read on my blog.

Today I will celebrate belatedly with cake and coffee. Tomorrow, in addition to shoveling snow it will be back to blogging with updates on Anna Karenina, a recipe and Friday Fictioneers. I know I still owe a post on my back hallway makeover, but it is a bit of a mess from use, so I need to tidy it before I can post any pictures. Stay tuned.