Hallway Makeover Part 2: Just What Exactly Did That Space Look Like?

Unless you have been to my house (and few of my blog readers have), you might have never laid eyes on my back hallway. Trust me, you weren’t missing anything. Before I unveil the final (ok not final because I am still adding little things here and there) space, I wanted to show you what I was working with. I realize my picture from the first post  about the makeover did not do it justice. I think one of those cool camera lenses would have come in handy. (Now that we’re talking about camera lenses, I’m wondering if my blog camera (aka my cell phone) has a panoramic option I could use for the last shot.)

I decided to make a rough sketch of the space with dimensions. This might help you to appreciate what I have done with it:

My 40 inch x 136 inch space to work with

My 40 inch x 136 inch space to work with

As you can see, it is pretty narrow, almost like a galley kitchen. Stay tuned to see the spectacular results.

A Hallway Makeover – Part One


When we bought our house a  few years ago, it wasn’t for the stellar floor plan, it was for the neighborhood. In fact the floor plan is rather odd, probably because the building used to be a 3 flat back in the day. Instead of having the doorway open into a room, several of our doorways open directly into hallways. Very. Looooong hallways. Did I mention they were long? Initially we used the upper back hallway  to store boxes and bins of items we had no place to store because not only was the floor plan crummy, the house had minimal closet space and no garage. Little by little I have gone through the bins and tried to clear out unnecessary items, or find homes for things now that we are fairly settled. Still the hallway remained filled.

Last Fall I had an idea to turn the hallway space into a usable space – for me. I wanted a place to write and work on projects and keep some of my things that did not work in the main shared areas of our home. A place where I could leave myself post it note reminders and not get repeatedly asked if it could it be thrown away (No, not yet, , I just haven’t had time to do it, but if I throw it away I will forget all about it.)

In order to accomplish this, I had to go through all the bins again and figure out what to do with the contents. This was a great exercise in “What the heck do I/you/we still have that for?” because let me tell you, I found things from the last century (husband’s undergrad text books!!!) and things I/he/we no longer needed. I spent the  better part of November and December taking care of that and used some of our attic space for items we needed to hang on to, but did not need on an every day basis.

Stay tuned for Part Two – A Space For Me.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

IMAG0256When I was a little girl, I sat on the floor in front of our couch and watched someone (my Grandma or Aunt or Mom) turn a red ball of yarn into a growing chain of loops, connected together over and over. I watched a  shiny piece of aluminum dart around in her hand, flashing and working wonders with the loops. Then to my amazement, she taught me how to make a chain stitch. She taught me how to crochet.

A few years ago, the urge hit me to relearn this craft that I had not practiced since my childhood. I needed an outlet that didn’t require me to leave my home.  I remembered the basic chain, but not much more. I tried to invent my own stitches, but didn’t get it right.

Since then I have picked up a book and learned  the types of stitches I didn’t remember from long ago. It is pretty exciting to turn a ball of yarn into something.  I Have mostly made small things for the dolls my daughter plays with. She is always amazed at what I create and begs me to show her how.

The other weekend I decided to create something bigger than what a doll would wear and a bit more practical.My daughter loves her new scarf. What do you think?