Friday Fictioneers: The Other Side of the Beach



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I have really missed Friday Fictioneers these past few months. I find that when I participate I feel motivated to be more active with my blogging. I hope you enjoy. Please share your thoughts.

The Other Side of The Beach

word count: 100

“The hotels on the west side are full,” Todd told Nancy.

Nancy swatted at a swarm of mosquitoes.

“This resort is abominable.” She wrinkled her nose and stared at the substandard surroundings. Why was she surprised? Todd has always been cheap. The mosquitoes buzzed incessantly. She assumed this would be the trip. 

Todd led her through beach detritus. Nancy’s stilettos sunk in the sand. He crouched down, assumed the position. The mosquitoes hovered.


Pledges of passion fell on oblivious ears.

Tears of disillusionment leaked. 

“…pawn shop ring…” he boasted.

Nancy welcomed the biting and suffocation of the mosquitoes.






White People Are The Worst – Hockey Edition

As I am not a hockey fan, I had no idea. And this is why I am often ashamed to be a white American.

The Belle Jar

Trigger warning for racist and violent language and images

Last night, Montreal Canadiens player P. K. Subban scored the winning goal against the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinal.

Predictably, Boston fans were outraged. In this case, though, with Subban as one of the few black players in the league, their anger took a sickeningly racist turn.

It was so bad that the n-word was briefly trending on Twitter in Boston. Seriously. Think about that for a minute. Think about how many people must have been tweeting one of the vilest, most degrading racist slurs in our language in order for it to be trending in a city the size of Boston. That is not just a few racist fans making everyone look bad – that is a whole fucking lot of people trying their hardest to make Subban (and all people of colour) aware of just how…

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