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March Mantra


Forget about March Madness which will soon be upon us. I need a mantra for the month. I am drowning in projects I started last year, last month and last week. I racked my brain for a catchy phrase to motivate myself to be productive. Then I spotted this mug at a friend’s house over the weekend. Not one to be über American and insist on constantly reinventing the wheel I stopped thinking. This was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. It is succinct and to the point – everything I strive to be but sadly am not. Unfortunately I did not steal the mug from my friend’s house. Now I need to creatively write my mantra and put it in a prominent place so it will serve its purpose.

Do you have a mantra that helps you be productive?

5 thoughts on “March Mantra

  1. Don’t you like it when you start too many projects and seem to be overwhelmed? I usually tell myself to follow that simple advice of the journey of a thousand miles begins by eating an elephant one bite at a time. Or something like that. Just get it done. Or throw it away. That’s my worthless advice of the day!

    • I’m not a vegetarian, but eating an elephant….that’s a new one- such a visual impression. Here’s to getting s#it done. Can you hear the coffee mugs clinking together in a toast?

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  3. I will purchase a book related to the project I’m working on and read a chapter a day. Hearing an alternative and hopefully motivational perspective helps me into an orb of concentration. Don’t knock it till you try it!

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