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Winter Book Reading – Anna Karenina

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Way back in November of last year a friend and I briefly discussed the idea of forming a mini book club together. We finally  met up  last week for lunch. Over black bean burgers and croque monsieur we made our selection – Anna Karenina. Really it was her idea, but I agreed because I have never read it and heard it was a good book. Besides, it seemed fitting as we were experiencing our own Russian winter in Chicago. Plus, how could I resist her lovely idea of discussing the book at Russian Tea Time?

I immediately went to the library to check out a copy. At 975 pages, I was not intimidated as I completed The Count of Monte Cristo  recently (which reminds me, I should write a blog post about that) which is a whopping 1235 pages or so. We decided to finish the book before the official start of Spring (because who wants to be reading a book like that in Spring?). That means we need to read a minimum of 20 pages a day or 140 per week.

I am not through with my one week yet, but already I have made it to page 170. I’m glad to be ahead. So far, the story is easy to follow. It is interesting to read because Tolstoy’s writing style lets you into the minds of all the characters at the moment. I noticed he is a bit “wordy” but I have to keep in mind the writing of the time, over 150 years ago. I have four  main thoughts up to this point circulating in my brain:

1. Kitty’s last name is Shcherbatsky. Every time I read the family surname or about her, all I can picture is Robin Scherbatsky from the television show How I Met Your Mother.

2. In the translation I am reading, I came across the word “diva”. I had to go get my dictionary (yes I still own a real heavy one) to look up the definition since when I think of diva, images of Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Madonna pop up.

3. Does everyone’s last name end in sky or ski? Well no, but it sure seems like it.

4. Anna is revealing herself to be self-centered and devious.

I curious to know how many of you have read Anna Karenina? If you have, when did you read it? High School? College? Later? Stay tuned for next week’s update.

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