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VOICE WEEK 2013 Character 2

VW2013-avatar_zpsa910566dI stumbled upon this exercise yesterday and decided to give it a try. You can read my post . It might help you understand the context.

Here is the second voice from FUNERAL:

I wish he’d hurry. Doesn’t he know we all got chores to be finishing up on the farms? I never heard a man of the cloth spend this long sending someone to the other world. Must be the way of those Methodist folks. He wasn’t even alive. Seems rather foolish to be putting on such fanfare. My Ma would have appreciated half as much of a show for her  forty-one years of hard-working in this selfish world. Once the doctor says it alright, I’ll get Gina good and fixed up with another baby. Should keep her busy.


4 thoughts on “VOICE WEEK 2013 Character 2

  1. Dang. What a contrast, and what a perspective. Makes me wonder how this one wound up such a bitter creature. If it wasn’t for the last two sentences, I might have more understanding for the character, but those last two… ugh. Is this the father?
    Anyway, chilled me. Well done, again.

    • Thank you. I’m glad the character voices are speaking loud and clear in a minimal amount of words. Such fun these writing exercises. And yes, he is the father. Do you hate him?

      • They are a challenge, but they’re fun and you are very good at them!

        I don’t know enough about him to hate him, but I would like to punch him in the face and tell him not to be an arse to Gina. This may be his way of bluffing through feelings, or he may really think what he says, but either way… yeah. Face-punch-instinct aroused. You have succeeded in making me feel 😉

  2. Oh! This is so different! I want to punch the character too. But I will hold it, and read the rest before making that decision. You’ve done a great job in making me dislike the character in so little words. Very powerful.

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