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Trying on Different Voices for Voice Week 2013

I came across this through one of the blogs I subscribe to The Muse Unleashed. The idea sounded interesting, but then I thought I can’t do extra writing during NaNo. Then I read through a few FAQ’s listed on the site and came up with a way to make this exercise in writing worthwhile to my NaNo writing. If you would like to take part, click on the link  to the website at  BeKindReWrite you can choose from a list of prompts or create your own. I chose the easy route and selected a prompt listed. It is perfect for my story (I think.)


If I inhale deeply, I can smell sweat, sadness, pity, and gratefulness. If I look at a full, ripe sycamore in the distance that provides shade for everyone except the child who didn’t make it, then I think I can dull the sounds of sobs, sniffles,  sighs and the sorrow that surround me.  If I clench my fist, I can keep from touching him one last time. If I bite my lip, I’ll taste his death one last time. If I think of nothing, then maybe I can still the urge to scream. Don’t put my baby in the ground.

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  1. This is the hardest hitting thing I’ve read so far for voice week. Fantastic use of sensory description, and absolutely powerful emotional impact. Brava.

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