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Day 1 – NaNoWriMo – Tips, Advice and Story

This blogger writes All.THE. TIME. I thought she had some great tips, so I decided to reblog. I hope they help. Here’s to day 2.


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WOW! That felt good! 

My characters are born!    

I have spent the past hour or so OFFLINE completing my NaNo write for Day 1. I have managed 1893 words (1667 needed) and have left it part way through a scene – not quite mid sentence but a good place to pick up tomorrow.

I have these tips to share with you from Day 1;

  • Don’t leave it too late to start your daily write…
  • at the same time – make sure it is the optimum time for you – when you feel ready and willing.
  • Set yourself up first, I had the laptop on ready then got my notebook and research (images) to hand, opened the word doc. and started…
  • Take a break if you have to. (I didn’t)
  • Although you need to focus on the writing (especially in the light of no editing rule) make sure your mind…

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