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I Read the News Today, (Oh Boy)

Gillard vs Coffee

Gillard vs Coffee (Photo credit: avlxyz)

It appears that our block is a solicitor’s row. After the energy deregulation, we have been hit up by several companies, looking for new clients. We have also been visited by cable/internet/telephone companies trying to woo us with their initial low rates and  discounted bundling packages. Even if you combine all of those solicitors, they do not outnumber the young people who frequent our block, trying to boost themselves with a little help from strangers. Countless teens have gone door to door on our block asking for donations or selling newspaper subscriptions.  My husband decided to subscribe to the Chicago Tribune newspaper to help a high school student earn money for college.

I know what (some of) you are thinking: The newspaper? How old school! Now I feel obligated  to read it. Everyday. I try the Jumble section, wracking my brain to figure out mixed up words. I feel more connected to my community and the larger world after I skim or read particular articles.Sometimes I am tipped off to a new restaurant or I am inspired to try a new recipe. I enjoy the editorials and regular commentary about music, books and entertainment. It keeps me company while I drink my coffee. I don’t have to go online to check the weather forecast for the day. My kids love the comics and have exposure to another form of print media. Sometimes they recognize people they know, which opens up opportunities for conversations that we otherwise might not have had. Lastly, if we save enough papers, we can make a kick-ass paper mache pinata this summer.

I’m not complaining. I kind of enjoy the (old school) method of obtaining information. Just like a book, there’s something about turning the pages, instead of navigating the scroll bar or mouse. I know environmentalists would say it is killing trees. I choose to look at it differently. I do my part to recycle, conserve water and electricity, etc. The whole family enjoys the newspaper and a young person benefits from it.