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More Berries

Strawberries grown in a pot on our deck

In my last post I mentioned we bought berry bushes last year. It was a surprise to have a small, but nice crop this year. It takes a while for blueberries to get established before they are ready to produce fruit.

Not so with strawberries. When I bought annuals and herbs to plant this year, I noticed a few strawberry plants at the local garden center my neighbor recommended. I decided to pick up two plants to see what would happen. As a child, I recall my mom had converted our old sandbox into a strawberry patch. Her only complaint: neighborhood cats used it as a litter box. I was not a big fan of those crazy looking terracotta pots with openings on the sides to grow berries. I inquired at the garden center and the owner’s son mentioned customers from last year had huge success growing them in wide pots or in hanging baskets so they can tumble over the side and not sit in wet dirt. I knew just the pot to place them in.

These three berries are ready to be picked. I planted them 25 days ago. All I did was water them regularly and pull off a few runners (because my mom said I should). Not bad. I may have to return to the garden center and buy a few more.

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