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Happy Anniversary, Better Late Than Never

Blog as a graph

Blog as a graph (Photo credit: dafyd)

I just realized late last night that I launched this blog a year ago. And yet, it almost slipped my mind. I was kind of busy at the moment singing into a microphone.

In just a years time so much has happened on the blog and in my life. First of all, people were reading my blog. That was absolutely mind-blowing at first. Things got even better when people commented. Then I was Freshly Pressed a little over a month after I had dived into the blogging world. I learned how to write and schedule posts while overseas when I had unreliable access to the internet. At every turn I found I had something to say about my immediate world and the larger one around me.

About 6 months into it, I slowed down a bit once I started a new job. I continued to blog, although sporadically. But isn’t that how life is? It ebbs and flows. It meanders like a river that at times is just a little trickle of water over a few mossy stones, then abruptly turns into a quick rushing stream.  In a way I like the unpredictable feel of it.  Although there are many constants (like knowing I will start the day with a fabulous cup of homemade coffee and end it with a good book), it’s the  surprises in between that time that keep life fresh.

Overall  my passion for writing has grown stronger, even if I’m not always consistent. In the past year I have had 57 posts published. For all of you math and data people, that is an average of one post every 6.245 days. If I wanted to round it up, I could say I averaged 1 post a week. I have started 27 other pieces that have yet to revealed. Some of them may never come to fruition, but that is okay because I have more ideas; more stories to tell. If I had posted all 84 of the pieces, my average would have been one blog post every three days. It is something to aspire to. Maybe that will be my challenge for this next year. And perhaps even some larger projects looming in the distance.

So, on this unseasonably warm March morning that is calling me to go for a walk, play the guitar and work on a writing piece, I wish my blog a Happy Anniversary and hope that in a years time, I will be back here to report about it. Until then, keep reading because you never know what I may choose to write about. Also, I still have plans for a blog makeover. I think it is perfect timing for my one year anniversary, don’t you?

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