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It Is Quiet at Our House

Ah, the good old days of early parenting. Those long-awaited hours of the afternoon when our children would  stop fighting sleep and just give in to it and we parents would attempt something productive,  then fall prey to the surrounding silence and succumb to sleep, too. We have long since outgrown “naps” for the children in our house. In order to save our sanity (and perhaps preserve the nap that my husband usually needed come Saturday and Sunday) and to make an easy transition for our vacations to Spain, quiet resting reading time was born in our house.

During this time our family members are quiet, rest/nap or read. This midday break, much like a siesta, gives everyone time to just be and enjoy words or silence or both. I usually do not nap unless I am sick because then I have trouble sleeping at night. While sometimes I get caught in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch or transferring laundry to the dryer, I force myself to let those things go for an hour or so and grab a book or catch up on my writing or blogging during this time. I also supervise the children to make sure they are not playing. (There is plenty of time for that during the other parts of the day.)

Today all is quiet except for the pages of books turning and the occasional question from the 9 yr old asking “What is gout?” or “What is a parasite?” While other families put on movies or the television if they need to rest, or use the weekend to tackle chores and errands, our family thinks this a much healthier use of time. Who doesn’t look forward to curling up to a good book or snuggling under the covers in the afternoon?

I have to go now. It’s quiet resting reading time and I want to sneak in some reading time before it is over..

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  1. This is a great idea. My daughter is three and still naps but I need to have a plan for the future and I think I may have to steal “quiet resting reading time” for my house.

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