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Blog Makeover

In my post the other day, I mentioned change. In addition to getting back in the saddle of writing, I am in the midst of trying to find furniture that fits our current lives  (and does not have cat scratches and spit-up stains from the now 9-year-old). I like to change things up now and then (move furniture around, buy new clothes, try a new recipe, etc.) To me, it represents a fresh outlook on things. And because I am in this change mindset, I decided  I was  in the mood to reformat my blog. I guess you can call it a blog makeover.

I was recently inspired by my friend, who is also a writer and a blogger. About a week ago, she gave her blog a makeover and boy does it look awesome. It is so her. If there was a contest for blog makeovers, I think she would win first prize.

I have never been a trailblazer in anything, more like a quiet observer until I am comfortable with making a change. And when I do decide to change (my hair color, wardrobe, musical tastes), it is usually subtle, to the outside world that is. With this blog makeover I plan on changing the theme. I would like to find a theme where I can use more photos in my posts. That would have been convenient for my trip to Spain last summer. And speaking of Spain, I found out last summer that I have a few followers over there. It would be great if my blog could be translated into Spanish. Is that even an option for a blog? I also would like to choose a theme that is a bit more playful.

I haven’t decided when the made-over blog will début. I will keep you posted. I am in the exploratory process. Feel free to pass along advice for great WordPress themes you have used.

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