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Two Poems


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I recently wrote a post about finding my evaluations from my student teaching experiences. Some of them were humorous, others surprising, some sarcastic and some “spot on”. I told of some of the comments about the lessons I had to teach to 7th Grade English students. While typically I have very solid memories, my memories of that time were filled with: worry (am I doing a good job), frustration (it is hard to manage a group of students), anxiety (will I be able to find a job?), and stress (I was a college student. Need I say more?) My memories of that semester are blurs at best.

Lucky for me that I am a pack rat. There. I said it. I am not proud. I am trying to change my ways. Let me just say that had I not been a pack rat, I might not have stumbled upon these wonderful poems from two students.

What struck me most about these poems (besides finding that I still had them in my possession) was not just their strength and beauty, but that something like this could emerge from a few 7th grade English lessons on metaphors and  similes. And, that I  had been part of that something.

                     The Jet

A jet is a large silver eagle

spreading its shiny wings as it soars


turning and dipping as it glides

into the yellow light-bulb sun.

A jet is a predator, a carnivore bird

that hunts its enemies

and brings them down with its power.

                     A Baby

A baby is God’s teardrop,

falling from his face

as he looks down on all the earth’s killings and war.

It falls to earth

and when it hits, a baby is formed

full of laughter and fun.

With each drop that falls

and each baby that is born,

He hopes it will end the wars and killings.

But each one falls short.

My blog is not normally an inspirational type, but now and then I am completely caught off guard with life and how it unfolds before me. It would have been a shame NOT to share this. It has caused me to think about how I might unintentionally influence others.

In the next post I will share more of my evaluations. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. “A Baby” fills me with both sorrow and hope. I’m glad you did deviate to share this.

    • I know I was not capable of such depth at that age. I was too busy trying to figure out how to wear neon colors! I looked him up . He went to college and is working, but it doesn’t appear to be writing/literary related.

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