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A Bar

To the naked eye the sign announces what type of establishment it is. A bar. A place where bartenders serve alcohol to those who are of legal age to consume it. But to locals and visitors alike in Castrillo de Murcia it is more than meets the eye. It is a place to order café or tea. A place to play cards while catching up with friends and enjoying una copa de vino (a glass of wine.) A place to watch futbol (soccer) on tv, eat a snack,  or buy a pack of cigarettes. It is an establishment frequented by almost everyone in the small community. Farmers stop by for a cold one before heading back out to the fields. Parents walk in with their children in tow. Una cerveza (a beer) for them and un mosto para los ninos (white or purple grape juice for the children). Or un helado(an ice-cream) if the day is hot. Life is good at the bar.

A Place for Everything and Everyone

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