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Inspiration: Where and When

I received an e-mail from a friend yesterday. It was just a little fleck of gold on a big rock, but that was all I needed to get my mind swirling and mining for bigger things. In fact, I could not stop thinking about it when I headed to bed. I tried to get some shut eye, but all I could think about was the piece I was going to write.

The outline grew in the darkness and the details took shape in the warmth of my comforting comforter. Tossing and turning turned over words on pages that I would write and how they would come alive, like my brain was at the moment. Trying to fall asleep at night is like engaging in the yoga practice of savasana. To be really proficient at it, you need to be able to free the mind and push out intruding thoughts, while relaxing your body. I am terrible at it. There was only left to do. Get up.  And write it down.

So I did. For over 20 minutes I jotted down everything relevant that had prevented me from falling asleep, and then some. Because once the faucet gets turned on, it all just flows and sometimes you can’t stop it. I felt better returning to the sheets of slumber knowing that my ideas had be written down in clarity, rather than the brain-fog of the morning after.

Where and when do your ideas come to you? I might get some new ones.